review of "great women"

by Anita S. Choate

In the world of vast commercialism presentation is everything and I rate the book Great Women by Apostle Fidel Donaldson outstanding in its presentation. Beginning with the book cover much thought and creativity was given in its design because most author’s know that it is instrumental and vital in displaying and conveying a pictorial message of the contents that will appeal to the interest of a potential reader. A well designed cover often tells a story within a story. The cover gives reflective pause to the reader at first observation noting four women are pictured and represented on the cover offering us an inviting glimpse into the lives of “Great Women.”

“Great Women” proves to us that greatness is indeed part of our DNA. Lying just beneath a woman’s soft, fragile exterior is a constitution made of steel and a will made of iron. “Great Women” will portray to the reader each great woman’s potential, performance, and attributes as fearless, indomitable, tenacious, driven, faithful, strong, unwavering, determined, implacable heroines promoted and transcended into the category of extreme greatness. God created all women to be equally great despite the enemy’s pervasive, demonic assignment to steal and distort one’s true identity by compounding our wrong and sinful choices bringing pitfalls, trials, afflictions, trauma, rejections, shame, failures, hindrances, inadequacies, inferiorities, weaknesses, pride, and stubborn rebellious, Adamic nature against our Heavenly Father.

The most fascinating point about “Great Women” is that it will leave one with a much greater revelation of who God has called them to be and aid and assist one in fulfilling their destiny of that call and to recognize the purpose of one’s life to secure one’s position in the Kingdom of God. Apostle Fidel has often said “Great Women” is not just a book. “Great Women” is a movement because where there is movement one cannot stand still and stagnate. Where there is no stagnation there is activation. Where there is activation there is progression. Where there is progression there is transformation. Where there is transformation there is freedom and the potential to be great! In that day that God made up His jewels He bedecked and embellished us with unique and rare gems of priceless quality handpicked from His treasury marking us as Great Women.